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IT law (EDP/computer law)


Companies have no alternative today but to attach great importance to information technology.  The growing sophistication in data processing at the same time makes it necessary to ensure a technically and legally secure method of handling data and data processing procedures.


This applies equally to SAP applications and to individual software which clients have had specially developed for their own purposes. Firms are not only dependent on the legally secure concession of rights to use their software, but also on a reliable process of customising software (service and maintenance). This also applies to a similar extent to such processes as outsourcing of IT services, which are then used in the form of ASP services or remote computing (Citrix, terminal server, etc.).     


We provide advice and legal counsel to medium-sized and large enterprises on all relevant branches of IT law (outsourcing agreements, ASP agreements, hosting agreements, computer centre contracts, hardware purchase and leasing, hardware and software maintenance, software purchase and development, all types of licensing agreements, including so-called computer centre licences, etc.).